tun und sein
Supervision, Coaching und Organisationsberatung

Peter Anhalt & Kati Bond

New in leadership

Perhaps you are about to take on a leadership function, or you have just started in a leadership role.

This will inevitably lead to some questions and doubts - this is perfectly normal and it comes with your new responsibility. Perhaps you do not have anyone with whom you can talk about this to. From all sides you are feeling the expectations now placed upon you. By reflecting with you on these expectations and considering the many facets of a leadership role, we would like to help you to become more confident.

We would like to look at specific fields of knowledge that are important for a successful start in a new leadership role. These may be: knowledge about your predecessor, the corporate culture, key actors, colleagues, your boss, etc. Becoming aware of their functions will help you to adapt to the new situation and to begin successfully. We will also look at some of the classical "mistakes" new leaders make (being over zealous, trying to please everybody), and also work out your own "white paper" that will enable you to present your concerns and aims clearly and convincingly.

This mini coaching programme can accompany you in your first weeks or months in your new job.