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Supervision, Coaching und Organisationsberatung

Peter Anhalt & Kati Bond

Failure / Defeat

Failure can be a shock to your personal biography. Something has not turned out as it should have done, and as others expected of you. This may be a project application that has been turned down, an important conversation that went the wrong way, or a job application that was not successful.

There are so many opportunities to fail in our lives.

The moments, issues, and projects where we failed can linger long in the memory. Most people find it hard to talk about their own failures and defeats. And yet experiences of failure and defeat influence the way we feel and act - perhaps more than we would like to admit. The higher we value success, the greater is our fear of failure. Investigating and analysing our failures helps us to work out how far we ourselves were responsible and how far our failure was not a result of our own actions.

If we see failure and defeat as a normal part of our lives and not as something to be ashamed of then we can gain confidence and face new challenges with renewed energy.

Failure offers the potential for development and learning. Our mini coaching session will help you to find this potential.