tun und sein
Supervision, Coaching und Organisationsberatung

Peter Anhalt & Kati Bond

Kati Bond

I have been working as a mentor and coach since 1996, and since 2005 together with Anna-Margarete Krätschell und Peter Anhalt. I studied theology at the University of Leipzig from 1983 – 1988, and then lived for several years in England, where I worked in a large county authority and was responsible for introducing and managing IT applications. During these years I was able to make English my second working language.

After returning to Germany I worked in various consulting and coaching contexts, including hospital counselling. I gained a number of qualifications in coaching, mentoring and consulting and as a counsellor. For many years I have been working as a trainer and mentor. I have trained counsellors for the German Diakonisches Werk and other organisations, and also supervised other coaches and mentors in their own training. I have many years of experience working in the training departments of two large international companies (Control Data Institut and DaimlerChrysler).

This means that I have experience in two different worlds – international private-sector business and social and counselling work. I appreciate the requirements of business for efficiency and structure, and I also understand social work with its tradition of care and concentration on human needs. I have always been at home in both of these worlds, and I endeavour to help each to learn from the other, and to use my own experience of the other side in my own work.

I like working with people who come to me with questions and problems that have come up in the course of their work. Together we can work on finding solutions and answers – often together with my partners at tun und sein.

As a mentor I see myself as an independent outsider. I am neither able to nor want to present ready solutions. I see my work as a dynamic and creative form of communication between all those involved. This is a process where together we can develop strategies for dealing with the issues.

I can accompany you in your search for solutions, formulating a framework for your questions, and helping you to gain a better understanding of yourself and the organisation you work for. Again and again I notice in my work how great it is to trust in the creativity and openness of the people I meet.

I am a member of the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Supervision (DGSv, German Society for Mentoring). To ensure the quality of my own work I regularly exchange ideas with my colleagues and partners, and I also take part in mentoring myself.

Since 1990 I have been living with my husband in Prenzlauer Berg in Berlin, and I love the city of Berlin.