tun und sein
Supervision, Coaching und Organisationsberatung

Peter Anhalt & Kati Bond

Successful team leadership

2x2 days or preferably 3x2 days
Team leadership aims to achieve the best results for each task at hand. The team leader has the opportunity of creating a team with a group of people who will enjoy working together to achieve these results.
Drawing on all the resources at hand and yet also taking cost pressures into account is an art that the team leader has to master. In this seminar we will use practical examples to define fields of action and ways of making your team successful.
You will reflect on your own role and recognise your potential.

Contents of the seminar
- the role and tasks of the leader
- factors of success in strong teams
- team development phases
- bridging the gap between your superior and your own team
- roles in the team
- dealing with conflict
- shaping processes of change rather than just managing them
- dealing with resistance
- external authority versus internal and earned authority