tun und sein
Supervision, Coaching und Organisationsberatung

Peter Anhalt & Kati Bond

A special kind of team development

2 days
Number of participants limited to 15, 2 trainers
Not for teams
Teams are not only found in the workplace, but we also each have our own inner team. We are not made of one piece, and that makes us human.
The different moods, our contradictory inner voices, our motivation and our inhibitions are our team members.
They can sometimes make it hard for us to reach decisions, to think clearly, and to act coherently.
Our inner team takes shape in interaction with the challenges of the outside world and our own experience (our jobs, families, interests) and it can change shape as it reacts to different external circumstances.
We would like to work with you to investigate your inner team, and to find out how you can become your own boss. To do this, we will look at concrete situations from your working life - moments when you are annoyed, unsettled, in conflict, tense, or simply lacking energy.

Defining the inner team
1. Naming the members
2. Investigating the relationships between these members, and mind mapping this visually with the help of the workshop participants
3. Looking for meaningful team structures and placing the boss in a leadership role