tun und sein
Supervision, Coaching und Organisationsberatung

Peter Anhalt & Kati Bond

Interpersonal processes in working groups and teams

Three days total: day two a week after day one, day three a further three weeks later
Maximum 15 participants, two trainers
All leaders and managers today know that their business targets and processes depend to a large extent on human and interpersonal relations.
Performance in business is related to the culture of communication in an organisation or a team, and depends on whether each member of the team is able to work without anxiety.
This is best achieved if team members have high self-esteem and feel that their work is being fairly recognised.
If the climate at work is right, then competition can be healthy, creative and goal-oriented.
Together we would like to consider some of the basic issues that concern every member of staff in an organization, but are often not formulated consciously. Looking at these issues will enhance understanding of staff behaviour and reactions, which at times can be self-protective and self-referential.
We would like to help leaders and managers to engage cooperatively and confidently with the different situations their staff may be in.

- theory
- the group itself as a learning model
- identification with patterns of behaviour that are unfamiliar to me